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If you would like to serve on one of the Ministry Teams, help with Good News Club, Prison Ministries, Prayer team, Visitations, or any of the many service activies at Rock Presbyterian Church, please contact Chris or Debby, any Elder, or simply fill in the form below with your email address and one of our church staff or elders will contact you.

Please click on this link, Ministry Teams, then click on each Ministry Team to see all ministries at Rock Presbyterian Church.

Service Opportunities
  • Indicate where you would like to serve:

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  • If you would like to serve in our nursery, please indicate when you would like to serve by contacting Debbie Leonard by email at or by going directly to Childcare Sign-up.  Please give service time (9:00 or 11:00 service), month, and date you would like to be in our infant/toddler room or preschool room on your email or type it directly on the Childcare sign-up page.  

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