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The Congregational Care Ministry Team works closely with the Pastor to provide care, support, and love for families and individuals at various stages and circumstances of life.
The Congregational Care Ministry team:
  • Organizes the congregation into Elder Care Groups. Elders are encouraged to communicate via personal visits, phone calls, cards, emails, and/or texts with their care group.
  • Maintains a record of visitors to worship services and contacts first-time visitors via phone calls, personal visits, and/or cards.
  • Provides various outreach programs for the congregation such as a card ministry, adopt-a-college student ministry, and a bereavement ministry.
  • Prepares and updates church directory annually or when deemed appropriate.



A Congregational Care ministry, and a community outreach, GriefShare is a 13-week group meeting program stimulating the journey from grief to joy. Created by Church Initiative out of Wake Forest, NC, this program is being used at thousands of sites inside and outside of the United States. The program is DVD advice from experts, daily workbook explorations, and group discussions led by fully trained, caring, facilitators to guide participants through the uncertainty of grief. Encouragement comes from a welcoming staff, love, care, respect, growing friendships, and weekly inspirational gifts. The program is meaningful for those who have experienced a recent loss and for those who have never fully healed from a past loss. Men and women from our church and the surrounding communities are invited. For the latest schedule, click here.  Please take every opportunity to pass this information on to others through word of mouth, social media, group discussions, etc. Contact the team with any questions.

Dr. Chris Leonard, Staff Lead
Jeff McCulloch, Facilitator 262-424-2600
Jacki McCulloch, Facilitator 262-894-6446
Kenneth Reynolds, Facilitator 407-8460
Wendy Whiting, Facilitator 992-7417
Richard Whiting, Facilitator 992-3222