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Just These Thoughts My Friends

Just These Thoughts My Friends...


As we begin this New Year, let me take a moment to first offer my heartfelt appreciation to those who helped make our celebration of Christmas here at Rock so very meaningful. It takes many people doing so many things to accomplish all that we were able to accomplish. The session’s continued leadership and oversight, the hard work and long hours of the staff, and the dedication and commitment of so many of our covenant partners meant we were able to worship, fellowship, and serve our Savior in profound and significant ways. I hope that your heart was filled as much as mine with the joy of the season; with the joy of the Lord.

As we turn our thoughts to 2019, there is much for us to be excited about. We begin this 249th year with a fully funded operating budget for ministry and mission purposes. Thank you!! This means we can do all that we believe God is calling us to, as well as being available to him for more. We have a new class of elders who will be trained in these first days of January to lead us in ministry. We will celebrate the third anniversary of our Founder’s Day on Sunday, January 27, and in doing so, we will ring the church bell again to mark the occasion of God’s great faithfulness to us. “Great is thy faithfulness, O God our Father.” Thanks to the generosity of a number of covenant partners, we will soon have an elevator installed in the Christian Education building to allow for ease of access to the fellowship hall. We cannot wait for this. We are making plans to begin a new Sunday school class in February for our college-age and career folks. We look forward to all that will be available to our Rock JAM kids and RPC Youth over the course of the year. I could go on and on. And how wonderful that I could. God is at work here at Rock!

So, celebrate. And find times in the midst of life to worship, study, pray, serve, and enjoy the wonder of the joy we share as God’s church in the year to come.

Celebrating with you…

Dr. Chris Leonard