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Just These Thoughts My Friends

Just These Thoughts My Friends...


What an incredible Easter season we have had and are having.  There are so many things that we as a church can celebrate this season, all of which are the fruit of the life that we have been given in Jesus Christ.  The worship services, including the special gift of the children’s choir on Palm Sunday, and the adult choir on Good Friday, touched the hearts of those who were here.  Our fellowship at the Eggstravaganza and the combined Easter Sunday school class was beautiful.  Both were times of being reminded of God’s amazing grace in our lives.  And our service and ministry in the days to come, through our participation with the Burton Center “Miracle League” and our Habitat for Humanity Apostles’ Build will be a strong witness to our resurrected Jesus, and our belief that he calls us to share the Good News with the world, sometimes with words but always through our actions.  I hope you will make plans to join us on each of these days as we serve our risen Lord and God’s beloved children.   
 As we turn the calendar to May, it is hard to believe that this time last year I stepped away for the three month sabbatical with which you so richly blessed my life.  I thank you again for that special time away, and I thank the staff and session for their leadership in my absence.  I thank you as well for the these past nine months, which have been such a reminder of how fortunate I am, and you are, to be a part of this blessed family of faith.  You are a uniquely gifted people, who give so much of yourselves to serve our Lord.  It is still fun to be on this journey with you, and God is still leading us forward in ministry and mission.  I look forward to what he will do in our midst in 2020, as we celebrate 250 years of ministry on this holy ground.  250 years!! Our theme/motto/ slogan for 2020 is Remembering the past; Rejoicing in the present; Flourishing in the future.  
 Finally, just a final word of encouragement to you to continue with the readings associated with the 100 Days Challenge.  We will have a celebration of our completion of this on Sunday, May 26.  The Lord bless us as we read his word. 
      Dr. Chris Leonard