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Just These Thoughts My Friends

Just These Thoughts My Friends...


James Williams

For over twenty-three years our church family has been blessed by the faithful ministry of our
lead sexton, James Williams. He has been a constant companion with us, and has insured that
the buildings and grounds were in the best condition possible, so that the programs and vision
of the church could go forward. We thank him for his dedication to this, and for his strong
Christian witness while doing it. On a personal note, James has become a dear friend, and I
know I speak for the rest of the church staff in saying that we miss him very much.

As you may know, in the past couple of years, James has dealt with some medical issues related
to his diabetes. This unfortunately culminated in July with a surgery to remove a portion of
his left leg, just below the knee. It is his great hope that after this has time to heal, that he may
receive a prosthetic and be able to continue with some things he loves to do. We can pray that
this may be so. Certainly this has been a difficult trial for a man as active as James, but one
which he, his wife, and daughter are facing with great trust in the Lord.

To be sure, a contribution like he has made, deserves recognition. To honor James and his
many years of service, we are planning a time of celebration at our Rock Family Supper on
Wednesday night, September 18. We hope you will make plans to come and share in the joy
and fun of that evening, as we let James know how much we have appreciated all of his work
amongst us. In addition, we will be collecting a “love offering” which we will present to James
and his wife that evening. If you would like to give to this, please send your gift to the church
office, or place it in the church offering plate on Sunday morning. Please indicate in the memo
line that it is a “Love Offering.” The session is also working on a “special” recognition for
James, and will present that to him at the RFS as well.

Sign-up in the fellowship folder or via email for this special night. It will be an opportunity for us
to share with James the very words of our Lord; “well done, good and faithful servant.”

Blessings in Christ!
Dr. Chris Leonard