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Just These Thoughts My Friends

Just These Thoughts My Friends...


As I look at the calendar, and see all that is before us, I find myself getting truly excited about all of the many ways we will have a chance to be family together, in service to each other, to our neighbors, and to our risen Lord, Jesus Christ. I am excited because I can already envision how you, the Rock Church, will step forward in faith to honor our calling as a people who have been created to serve. I already trust that the goals and hopes set forth for you in our 2020 asking budget will be met on our Stewardship Celebration Sunday, November 10. I am able to trust this, because neither you, nor our faithful God, has ever let us down when it has come to stewardship. I can already imagine the fun that we are going to have as a church family when we come together on Wednesday, November 13, for our Operation Christmas Child Packing Party. I can also picture the faces of the children in distant places who will receive these simple gifts filled with love. Can you see them? If you can, then you can see the smiles that join ear to ear, and you now know the reason why we take part in this ministry. I invite you to pray with me that at least one of these children will receive Jesus as their Lord through this gift of a shoebox. If only one does, then it will have been worth it. I am expectant of what the Lord will do, how he will speak, what he will say to us as we gather on the Sundays of this month to offer ourselves, broken as we are, as a sacrifice of worship to our God. He will be honored and he will bless us. And I look forward to the Sunday before Thanksgiving, when we will gather together as a church family at 5:00 p.m. to decorate these church buildings for the upcoming Christmas season.

It is going to be a good month.

Come and be a part of the family.

Blessings in Christ!
Dr. Chris Leonard

 Turn your clocks back one hour this Saturday, November 2
 All Saints’ Day, Sunday, November 3
 Stewardship Sunday, Sunday, November 10
 Thornwell Offering—Sunday, November 24
 Church office closed - November 27 (noon) - November 29