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Just These Thoughts My Friends

Just These Thoughts My Friends...            


Have you ever been on your way to an important meeting, or headed home after a long day of work, or off to pick up the kids from school or dance, and gotten stuck at a red light that seems to last forever? Or worse, how many of you have been stopped at a red light when you are running late for church? I often wonder how many traffic laws are broken on Sunday mornings. We are, without a doubt, a people in motion. We like moving forward and getting things done. We have places to go, people to see, things to do. Yet at times we are hindered by things that are absolutely out of our control, and sometimes we are brought to a complete stop.

This Covid-19 season that we are experiencing feels a little bit like that. It feels like a massive “stop” in the midst of our busy and productive lives. This is a stop that we neither planned for nor have time for. We have far too much to accomplish, both personally and as a church. Yet this is precisely where we find ourselves at the moment: stuck at the longest stoplight ever, waiting desperately to GO.

Of course, another way to think about this is that maybe we aren’t as much at a place of “stop,” as we are at a place of “rest.” Maybe, just maybe, this season is a reminder to us to stop the excessive running around and enjoy life at a slower pace with our family and friends. Maybe God is asking us to think about our lives and what is important. Perhaps he is using this time to draw our hearts closer to him. It’s another way to think about what we are going through for sure. At some point, and hopefully soon, restrictions will be lifted, and we will GO again. As this happens, let us strive to not return to the normal rat race, but instead run a more balanced and God-centered race.

As we move through these early days of May, the staff is working on a proposed “plan” for re-opening the church, and I will be presenting this at a called meeting of the session on May 5. Our nurses and doctors are also providing helpful information and opinions regarding when and how we should go about this, and the session will hear their thoughts as well. When we began our current season of social distancing on March 16, our initial hope was to be back by Easter Sunday. When that didn’t happen, we began looking to the first Sunday in May. That is this Sunday. Clearly, this “stop” has been longer than we were expecting. But at some point, when it is right, we will be back together in person. Until then, we will continue forward together in Spirit.

Blessings in Christ!

Dr. Chris Leonard