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100-Day Bible Reading Plan

The 100-Day Bible Reading Plan
(Click on the link above to view the Daily Bible Reading Plan)

Rock Presbyterian Church

Winter and Spring 2019


Up for a challenge? 

How about we spend the next 100 days reading the Bible together, Sound good?  I know, I know, you are already reading the Bible.  And we certainly don’t want to throw off your rhythm with that.  But how wonderful would it be if all 400 hundred Rock Presbyterian Covenant Partners committed to reading some of the highlights of this important book that the Lord has provided us.  Can you imagine how great this will be?  Can you imagine how the Lord will bless us? 


Starting Sunday, February 17, we will begin this challenge together.  It will provide us with opportunities to read some of the great Biblical accounts and learn more of the Father’s love for us.  Still curious?  Want to know more?  Here are a few key features of this plan.   



Key Features of the 100 Days:

  • 50 days in Old Testament reading
  • 50 days in New Testament reading
  • Chronological in approach (which means skipping around in books since the Bible is not organized chronologically)
  • Days are fairly balanced in amount of reading
  • There are built-in days with lower volume of reading to help you catch up
  • We begin on Sunday, February 17
  • We will conclude on Sunday, May 26
  • Even if you start and get bogged down, don’t quit, or even if you start late, just jump in where you can
  • It’s not a perfect plan, but a plan is better than no plan

Here’s a way to keep you reading:

  1. The daily plan for our 100 days together has been printed below for you.  Leave it in your Bible for easy access. 
  2. The daily readings will be emailed out as well from the church office.  You can also find the daily readings on the Rock Page on Facebook.  Make sure and “like” us so you can find it there.
  3. Pray and ask God to keep you focused on this challenge.