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Just These Thoughts My Friends


Just These Thoughts My Friends...

As we roll the calendar over from August to September, we turn our eyes from summer to fall and the reminder that we worship a God who is faithful to his church in all seasons. Great is his faithfulness to us. We have certainly seen that here over the summer months, and no doubt we will continue to see and feel God’s hand upon us, as the Holy Spirit of our Lord continues to guide us as a community of faith each and every step of the journey we are on.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for taking this journey with us. For the past two years we have watched an incredible thing happen here at RPC. It has been gratifying, exciting, tiring, and certainly something to rejoice over. Growth is happening, and roots which have been planted here since 1770, continue to grow stronger. It is a wonderful thing to watch. And it has certainly been an incredible thing to be a part of. Many have given much, and just about on a daily basis we have folks here doing work for the Kingdom. Whether it is a work of small or large proportions, it is still holy work that is being done in the name of the Lord. It is a good work and God is honoring it.

I don’t know how many of you were able to be with us on Sunday, August 20, but if you missed that Sunday, let me repeat the word of thanks, offered by the Stewardship Ministry Team, for your continued faithfulness in offering your financial gifts to the church. Your giving has made it possible for the church to engage in ministries that are: actively reaching out and supporting the hungry and poor of Greenwood; the widow and the prisoner as well; that are proclaiming the gospel to the world; that care for our children and youth, both here and in the Lakelands; and providing opportunities here at RPC during the week for worship, study, and fellowship. Again, thank you. And let us remember to not give reluctantly, but with joyful hearts.

Please know that if there is any way that I can care for you or your family, you just need to let me know. It is my pleasure to serve as your pastor. While I look forward to the cooling of the temperatures outside, my prayer is that God will increase the fire of our love for his son, our Lord!

Blessings in Christ! 

Dr. Chris Leonard