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Palliative Care


““Tell Me More” about Rock’s PALLIATIVE CARE MINISTRY In previous newsletters we have answered “What is palliative care?”, “How does palliative care differ from hospice care?” and “When should palliative care begin?” Now let’s talk about the Palliative Care Ministry currently offered at Rock. In October 2016, Session approved this new ministry. Over the following months, members of the congregation who are nurses, and interested in participating in this ministry, were recruited. Those nurses are as follows: Margaret Moore, Linda Goldstein, Kathy Scott, Kitty Lewis and Judy Lentz as coordinator of the ministry. In January 2017, our team members communicated the availability of this ministry to those on the prayer list as well as others who have indicated an interest at a later date. Currently team members are working with 12 individuals in our congregation who have indicated a desire to participate in this ministry. The domains of mind, body, and spirit are closely intertwined. The Palliative Care Ministry Team members seek to provide support, advocacy, and education directed towards addressing any issues associated with the body. Along with the spiritual support so beautifully provided by Chris and Debby, this blended care allows the mind to be at peace. 




Greetings fellow worshipers, The Worship Ministry Team is involved in creating a worship service that gives thanks and praises to the Lord our God. We do this by prayerfully planning creative and innovative worship services while looking for meaningful ways to enhance the worship service. Our team is co-chaired by Lynn Johnson and Pam Floyd and a thank you to Mary Ann Edwards who will be serving alongside us. There are also other opportunities for you to serve in our worship services - Perhaps you would like to contribute to flowers in the sanctuary for worship service or sign up to be an usher. If you have a creative side, you may want to help with decorating the sanctuary for special seasons and services. Communion services also require a few extra hands from scheduling to preparation. We, at Rock, are also blessed to have a wonderful choir and a great praise team. We are also blessed to have so many of you who through your generous contributions enabled us to purchase the organ, enhance the lighting, Advent stand, and Christmas tree. Thank you! If music is one of your talents and you would like to participate, please see Leigh Gambrell or Kenny Price and let them know. Worship Ministry Team: Co-chairs – Lynn Johnson, Pam Floyd, Mary Ann Edwards, Leigh Gambrell, Kenny Price, Lisa Grant, Pat Poole, Mary Anna Gerrard, Marie Miller, Linda Kellam, Debbie Dill, Louise Watkins, Anne Nunamaker, Janet Murphy, Glenn Miller. We meet the 2nd Tuesday each month at 6:30 p.m. in the sanctuary. Come join us! 




Will You Join Us in Prayer for Our Affected Brothers???

In the past twelve months, our involvement at McCormick Correctional Institution has been negatively impacted by the extreme staffing shortage. While we should have been able to worship with our brothers there on three or four occasions in 2016, we were only provided with an opportunity to do so once. Now, with 2017 a month in the books, the Chaplain is still unable to book churches to come in and worship with the men due to the ongoing officer shortage. This means that our brothers in Christ at McCormick are not being afforded the opportunity to worship the Lord together in the new chapel. Will you pray? Pray often for the staffing situation, that it may return to the necessary numbers needed to allow us the opportunity to once again join them in worship. Will you also pray fervently and without ceasing for our dear brothers in Christ at McCormick, that the Lord may care for them, in this “exile” moment? Pray for the men of the county jail, and Bill Mitchell and Van Taylor and others who share the gospel with them. 




RPC "ONE CAN" MINISTRY begins again

Bring any food item and place it in the container located in the breezeway.

Thank You for support of this ministry to benefit the hungry of our community

One can, CAN make a difference!!!
THANK YOU RPC for you continued support! You generously gave 128 pounds of nonperishable food items in May which will directly impact the Greenwood community through the Food Bank. Please continue to bring your items and place them in the bin located in the CE Building.


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